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NHW Films is an independent film production team based in Salinas, California. Founded by filmmaker Johnny Ray Avila and photographer Cesar Ruvalcaba, NHW Films creates new and original narrative films and documentaries.

NHW Films offers clients innovative marketing solutions, allowing businesses to reach their audience like never before.


NHW Films creates original narrative and documentary films that captures filmmaker Johnny Ray Avila's innovative style and unique voice.

What We Do

Man standin in San Francisco's Transgender District during a march for equality

NHW Films's resident photographer, 

Cesar Ruvalcaba, creates beautifully striking commercial and fine art photographs. Commissions are available!


NHW Films provides clients with the expertise and flexibility needed to complete projects in this difficult time. We are available for commercials, campaigns, estate films, documentaries, videography, events, and more. We can help bring your project to life!

Headshot of Filmmaker Johnny Ray Avila
Johnny Ray Avila

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Headshot of Photographer Cesar Ruvalcaba
Cesar Ruvalcaba
Black Lives Matter march down the streets of San Francisco

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